Cemetery burial plots, also known as grave plots or funeral plots, are the final resting places where our loved ones are laid to rest. These serene spots are adorned with lush green sod, providing a peaceful area for family and friends to visit and remember. Understanding the different types of burial plots and their costs can help individuals and families make informed decisions when planning for the future.

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Types of Funeral Plots

Following are the types of funeral plots commonly

  1. Single Space: This is a single spot to accommodate the burial of one individual. It is the most common type of burial plot.
  2. Side-by-Side: These are two separate spaces for two individuals to be buried alongside one another. This option is often chosen by couples or families who want to share their final resting place.
  3. Double-Depth: This is a space for two individuals to be buried one atop the other. This option is similar to side-by-side plots, except the caskets are placed one on top of the other.

Average Burial Plot Costs in the United States

The cost of cemetery plots can vary significantly based on location and type. Here is an overview of the average burial plot prices by state:

StateAverage Cost
North Carolina$1,291
South Carolina$1,100
West Virginia$1,245

Factors Affecting Cemetery Plot Prices

Several factors influence cemetery plot prices, including:

  1. Location: Prices can vary based on the state and specific cemetery where the plot is located.
  2. Type of Plot: Single space plots are generally less expensive than double-depth plots.
  3. Timing: Purchasing a plot in advance can help secure today’s prices, rather than the inflated prices several years or even decades from now.


Understanding the different types of cemetery burial plots and their costs can help individuals and families make informed decisions when planning for the future. By considering factors like location, type, and timing, you can ensure that your final resting place is a perfect fit for you or your loved one.

Grave Plots Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you own a cemetery plot?

Generally, your cemetery plot will always be yours and does not expire. However, some conditions may apply depending on the cemetery’s policies.

What is a prepaid funeral plot?

A prepaid funeral or grave plot means that you purchase the plot now, rather than leaving it for your loved ones to buy after you pass away.

How many individuals can be buried in one grave?

A single space plot is for one individual. However, a double-depth grave plot can fit two individuals, with one casket placed on top of the other.

What is included in the cost of a burial plot?

The cost usually includes the actual space in which the individual will be buried. Additional costs, such as for the marker or monument, are typically separate.

Can a cremation urn be buried in a plot?

Some cemeteries allow for a cremation urn to be buried in a standard plot, while others have special areas for cremation urns. Burial options for urns vary by cemetery.

Am I purchasing the land? Could I transfer the plot if necessary?

When you buy a burial plot, you are not buying the land itself but the right to be buried there. Transfer policies vary by cemetery.

How do I pre-purchase a grave plot?

Pre-purchasing a burial plot is often less expensive and reduces stress for your loved ones. It involves buying the plot in advance, securing today’s prices.