Grave Listings Cemetery Brokerage is authorized to operate within Canada and United States and has over 10 years of experience connecting buyers and sellers.

We occasionally will purchase a cemetery plot on behalf of a buyer or if we think it will be requested in the future. Our primary function is to connect buyers and sellers through our marketplace, but we have a long history of offering more customized services for those clients with specific requests.

Every cemetery is different in its operations. Some respond quicker than others, but in general, you can expect the cemetery’s local or main office to issue the completed documentation to buyers within 4-8 weeks. This can be rushed in an emergency situation, and our brokers work hard to shorten that period so your family can move on to other concerns.

We will issue payment immediately if you are present at the time of the deed transfer. If not, we usually issue payment within 1-3 days after the property is sold and the deed has been verified. If you are selling from a remote location (out of the area), it can take up to 7 days to issue payment.

We work with many families that have plots located in different regions of Canada and United States, including those family members that have journeyed to other countries. In those cases, we will mail a check via certified mail within 1-2 business days. The total time it will take to reach you will depend on your location in the world.

We are fluent in English, Mandarin, Hindi and Urdu.

Physical presence is preferable to speed the process along but is not required. As a cemetery brokerage, we can handle the title transfer process and issue payment on your behalf. However, there will be some paperwork that you will need to be signed and most likely notarized that will need to reach our office. We can walk you through that process when you are close to a sale or purchase.

If you have an impending funeral for the loss of a loved one, we consider this to be an urgent case and will work hard to have the cemetery property title transfer completed within 24-48 hours.

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